La Cornice

Second historic center of Liguria, the old town, known as "Ventimiglia Alta", has preserved its medieval charm. A fortified city above the Mediterranean Sea, strewn with gardens and churches. We get there through a maze of alleys whose shaky habitations are all equally colourful. The wind comes down from the mountains and raises the laundry hanging at the windows. On the left of the Fort of the Annunciation, a pathway bordered by succulents leads to a sandy beach. From afar, France.

The long road of sand
Border, June. The sun sets over France and
Italy. A pile of rocks and shrubs,unique:
a pile of earth with peaks, coves, ripples.
Down below is the Coty villa, a small yellow
villa with a lush garden around it.
Pinkish vapor, smoking in columns from
above, further fuses this block of coastline.
Pier Paolo Pasolini